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Viktor Frankl on Meaning and Direction

Give me a why… …a meaning, and I'll show you the way. There is one thing that I know for sure about hiking and being surrounded by wilderness; without a plan or purpose for being amongst nature, it's easy to lose your way. Having a clear path and...

How to Effectively Manage an Overwhelming To-Do List

How to Manage an Overwhelming To-Do List ”To-do List” Featuring Thomas Frank & Writer Jonathan Printers Jr. Have you struggled with keeping a to-do list? Or maybe you’ve consistently added things to the to-do list but fail to complete tasks? Time, or priority, management is an extremely effective tool and...

What I Do When I Can’t Turn Off My Overthinking Mind

“When it all gets to be too much, switch from thinking to being.” Naturally, introverts are thinkers. Sure, we are doers, too, but personally, there is an awful lot of contemplating before any doing. In fact, my wife always insists that I am overthinking when it comes to conversations. As an...

10 Work From Home Jobs You Should Consider

Featuring Naam Wynn If you want a work from home job or remote job, then tune in below for this video! I will go over 10 of the best jobs you can get while working from home. All the companies I will be sharing in this video will be...

Gratitude as a Reminder When Things Get Tough

Gratitude Featuring the Affirmation Institute Gratitude is truly one of the most important components to success within the Law of Attraction and yet perhaps rather overlooked. It's natural to shift into feeling defeated when situations get unmanageable and discouraging. Therefore, practicing gratitude is the one element that works to...

Use the Rule of 3 to Improve Time Management

A simple, effective way to complete your most immediate tasks One of the simplest, most powerful time management techniques I’ve come across lately is the “Rule of 3” (from the book Getting Results the Agile Way). This time management rule is simple: First, write down three things you want to...

Create Passive Income with these 15 Websites

Read below to learn how to create passive income with 15 websites. Want to start your own Shopify business? Learn from our Entrepreneur Masterclass, where we will share our insights, learnings, and advice that you’ll need to grow your own business effectively. Featuring Marissa Romero The internet is already filled with...

10 Websites That Will Pay You Daily

By Jay Brown Do you like to work at home, And make daily pay? Well, today I wanted to share 10 websites that will pay you daily right now. No experience needed. There are many opportunities out there but you have to be careful when looking into work at...

Passive Income: Earn $700 in A Day

By Andrei Jikh Hey all, welcome, and thank you for stopping by! Passive income is my favorite way of getting paid. Today, I share my monthly passive income ideas after LESS than one year on YouTube. For a preview here they are: Here are the Top 7 Ways I Earn Money...

One Entrepreneur’s Tip for How To Beat Procrastination

How I Beat Procrastination: Do It Today, Not Tomorrow For years, I couldn’t beat procrastination. Every time I put off a decision, hit the snooze button, skipped the gym, or didn’t complete my tasks because I didn’t feel like it, I always had an explanation for my continual procrastination. I...

10 Blog Ideas to Get You Started in 2022

Should You Start A Blog? So the thought of owning a blog has been on your mind for a while. You may be riddled on:  How do I develop the right name? What topic should I focus on?  How do I make money with a blog? Those are all...

7 Motivation Tips for When You’ve Lost It All

Motivation is often a consistent concern for most people. Providing motivation tips was the main focus of our work here at ACTIVAT3 and still is. There's plenty of psychology behind the source of motivation and with that in mind, sometimes you have to look toward the experts...
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