Give Them The Compliment That is Long Overdue

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Challenge Series: Relationships #02

A compliment serves as a healthy reminder that you are doing enough. Criticisms often have a greater impact than compliments, and bad news frequently draws more attention than good.

A negativity bias keeps us focused on what is happening to us, rather than on how we can improve a situation. Instead of focusing on what you can gain if you keep working toward a goal, you’re more likely to dwell on what you might have to give up.

When we don’t make it a priority to be aware of the thoughts we are telling ourselves, negativity can creep in, make a bed, and become a consistent habit.

The Compliment That Matters

It’s important to give a compliment that is long overdue. Life is difficult and it may seem at times that there isn’t enough “time in the world” to complete multiple tasks or keep up with several people. However, a healthy support network is as beneficial as taking care of your own mental and physical health.

The Lesson

Sometimes we forget to appreciate those around us. Similarly, many of us are so focused on what we haven’t done so much so that we forget to remind ourselves of the things we have completed.

This next challenge is for you to congratulate someone who deserves it. After completing Challenge #1 in “Relationships”, you set the time allowed for this.


Life is fast and the moments we share with others are one of the most significant traits of our experience. As your progress in whatever you do and build a life for yourself, don’t forget to check-in on those who have been with you consistently.

Thank you for reading. I hope you learned something today. If this is something that you have found of use, then please share! Let me know how it goes. Send me a message here.

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